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Food for Thought:

April 26th, 2016:
Are we bringing the gospel to the lost or are we waiting for the those who are to come find it?

...And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15
KJV Holy Bible

Recommended Books:

Below are a few books recommended for spiritual warfare

* Strategic Spiritual Warfare - An Interactive Workbook
* Battlefield of the Mind
* Be Anxious for Nothing


September 24th, 2017:

Thank you to all who attended the Chege Wedding this week. It was a beautiful wedding and was a blessing to see all of you on this memorable day. We are truly blessed.


Ministry Updates & Events:

April 26th, 2016:
Click HERE for the most recent Ministry Updates within our newsletter. (.PDF)

For our previous newsletters, Visit the File Share page of our website and check back with us frequently for events. This is an ongoing ministry and God is always doing something special.

I am available at this time if you would have me share a message at your church. You can reach me for scheduling by clicking on the "Schedule" page link on the left side of this page for possible availabilities and/or the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page to reach me. God Bless.

Website Updates & Promotions:

We hope the new layout and structure works better for you while better connecting you in this ministry using Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter. The more connections in ministry for the same goal; building better connections so that God's word is revealed to those who have not yet heard the good news and helping meet needs where they are needed. We are still in the process of creating those accounts and connecting them to the website. Thank you for your patience.

Please give us your feedback and let us know what you think. If you think something could be added or have an idea, please let us know. We hope this to be a very useful tool in bringing the gospel and furthering the Kingdom of God. Please stay tuned for future updates and promotions.

JCOMI Study Resources:

Below are a list of study guides and information to help equip, assist and educate you on Satan's tactics and move towards a more effective ministry for the furthering of the Kingdom of God. It's what we don't know and don't study that gives power over to Satan's tactics against God's people and the unsaved. Know your enemy and keep him under your feet.

Luke 10:19,
1 Peter 5:8,
2 Timothy 2:15,
Ephesians 6:12-22

   Welcome to Joshua Chege Outreach Ministries International. Thank you for stopping by. We hope you visit us often and maybe even become a part of this beautiful experience the Lord has formed and put together for those He loves.

   Joshua Chege Outreach Ministries International is expanding it's ministries to better share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have not yet heard about the good news and to better share in our experiences as Christians as we walk out our salvation daily. Carrying one another's burdens, praying for one another, encouraging one another, living in the Joy that is evident in having a relationship with the Sure Foundation and sharing that experience where the whole world can see it.

   There are many without; physically, mentally and spiritually. We want to share The Sure Foundation (Jesus Christ) with those who are less fortunate or unaware; to Share the love of Jesus Christ with them. The experience of a changed life seen and a testimony shared. The honor to be a servant like Jesus calls us to be. What a blessing just to be His hands and His feet. Praise God for His faithfulness and His love. He is a good God. If your excited about what Jesus has done, you truly know who He is and know Him personally, you can't keep it silent. This is our effort in bringing the exciting and blessed news to you so you can know Him as we do. A loving Father and Friend. An all sufficient Savior. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

That's my King!
Click here to watch a short video.

Who are we?

That your WAYS be known on earth, Your SALVATION among all the nations. Psalm 67:2

   We are a ministry that believes in building and sharing the love of God. We are here to bring Education, Health Care, Dental Care, Bible Teaching and compassion for the Desolate families, orphans, etc. We offer help to them mentally, physically and spiritually. We minister love above all and the message of Hope. The message of not just a prosperous life in Jesus name here on earth, but a wonderful award that awaits them in Heaven for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Salvation Prayer

   We wanted to put this right on the front page for anybody looking for what they have been missing and for those of you looking to pray the prayer and cannot find it nor anyone to pray it with you. If you have been saved and feel you have drifted, you can always resubmit your life to God and follow Him again. He is a loving and forgiving God. He loves us more than we love our own children.

Be assured, God loves you, and wants to forgive, save, and heal you. Cast all your burden on Him, and embrace Jesus with all your heart. Pray this prayer, mean it, and you will be saved, right where you sit.

LORD: I here and now Repent and Believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I believe you died for me, as my Substitute, and rose from the dead according to the Scriptures.

Thank you Lord, for taking my place, and paying my debt in full.

Even though I was apart from You, separated by my sin, You saw me, helpless, and fallen, and loved me enough to die for me.

You did no wrong. I'm the one who has sinned, I broke God's Law. I deserve to die for my sins. You were innocent, and yet took my place on the Cross.

I believe that You suffered the penalty for all my sins, You paid the full price to wipe out my debt.

Your sinless Blood, precious and Divine, pays for all my sin.

Because You took my punishment, I am now free. No sin remains to condemn me. I'm no longer guilty before God. I can never be judged or condemned for my sins because they were judged in You, Lord.

I believe this Good News, the message of the Cross. I trust Your Promise that everyone who asks receives.

Please forgive me Lord. I receive You now into my heart.

I accept Your gracious gift of love, mercy and peace.

The LORD Jesus Christ now lives in me.

I am a new creation in Christ.

Born of God with the life of Jesus in me.

I trust the Blood of Christ cleanses every sin from my life.

My record is wiped clean because of your grace and mercy.

LORD, I trust that You did enough for me. You paid it all, so no more price need ever be paid.

You did enough to save me forever, I will not claim any merit, offer any good works, or pay any price, as long as I live. Nor will I say or do anything more to have my past sins forgiven, or to be saved.

Lord Jesus, You did enough 2,000 years ago to save me once and for all.

From this moment I trust entirely in what You did for me on the Cross. It is sufficient. Nothing can ever improve my salvation.

Your Blood has cleansed me now. I am forgiven now. I am saved now.

Help me to follow You, and share this wonderful news with everyone.

Thank You Lord for my full salvation. AMEN!

Now Seal Your Decision: Tell Us So We Can Rejoice with you! :D Get a KJV Holy Bible and study the Word of God daily to find out what Christ has done for you, and what a blessing it is to follow Him. Welcome to the family! You are now new and changed and will everyday following Jesus closely. :)